Villa Saint Joseph

Villa Logo


The Villa Board of Directors commissioned a logo that signifies our history, mission and values.

The logo represents the following:

  • Qualities like wisdom, strength, protection, beauty, bounty and redemption.
  • The symbol is also used to represent the "Creator" because it offers protection and supports abundant fruit production and regeneration.
  • It is said that humans develop "roots" of belief and "branch out" by means of wisdom. The "trunk" for example, the mind and body, keeps the roots of beliefs and branches of wisdom connected with each other.
  • The tree represents Life and Family as well as prosperity and strength.
  • Colored leaves represent the fall (later in life) and are a beautiful display after a long life.
  • Colors are also symbolic of Christianity. Purple is the color of penitence and mourning. Green represents the triumphs of life over death.

In order to better enter the future, it is important to connect with our roots. For a tree, it is the roots that ground the tree, that allow the tree to get the water and the nutrients it needs to grow. In the same manner, appreciating from where we came, will help us be grounded and nurtured.

Villa Saint Joseph