Villa Saint Joseph

Visiting Guidelines

Villa Saint Joseph-du-Lac encourages regular and frequent contact by family and friends. Visiting hours are flexible. Visiting hours are not restricted. Please keep in mind the following points for the safety and welfare of our residents.

We recognize the importance of social contact and support the supervised visits of children and pets. We welcome residents and visitors to attend facility events.
After 8:00 p.m. the doorbell must be used to access the building.
Residents are encouraged to maintain social contacts outside the facility. Please remember to inform the nursing staff before exiting the building with your loved one.
Many residents have specific dietary requirements. If you are bringing food or beverages. please check with the Charge Nurse before delivering the food to residents.

Volunteer and Recreation Services


Mail & Banking

Newspaper Service

Newspapers and periodicals are available by personal subscription. The office staff will arrange for subscriptions to be transferred from your home or for new subscriptions, payment for which can be taken from residents' trust account or added to their monthly account.

Telephone & Cable TV

Hairdressing/Barber Services

Hairdressing services are available at Villa Saint Joseph-du-Lac. Payment will be deducted from the resident's trust account. Residents are welcome to continue to use their regular hairdresser; in this case families and/or the resident are responsible for these arrangements.


Villa -Saint Joseph-du-Lac is equipped with a security system to ensure the safety of our residents and staff. After 8:00 p.m., all doors are locked and the doorbell must be used.

Fire Safety

Fire drills are conducted once a month on all shifts, outlining various scenarios to ensure the proficiency of our staff when dealing with emergencies.

Pastoral Care

Villa Saint Joseph-du-Lac recognizes the importance of spiritual care for all residents. Efforts will be made to accommodate the religious needs of our residents no matter what their faith. Some of the services offered through Pastoral Care are:


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